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Study Circle

So … Uncyclopedia has a bunch of hillarious misinformation (?) about Georgia Tech, one bit of which had me laughing like a maniac:


The typical study environment of tech students. This pentagram offers 360 degrees of studying wall also giving students direct access to the devil for bargaining purposes

Dead Week

Dead week is the name given to the week before finals by Techies. The name dead week is derived from the phrase “I wish I was dead”, because during dead week this is heard constantly. During this week students spend most of their time studying and bargaining with Satan to pass their classes. Satan typically asks for the blood of a non-virgin in exchange for a “C”, as opposed to the blood of a virgin, because he knows it will be harder for Techies to come across.


I’m not into summoning the devil, so I figured I’d be pretty safe. However, I have noticed the “study circle” accumulating lately as I have been constantly cramming for quals …