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Shell World

Megastructure for sale! Get yer sci-fi megastructure here! Any authors that want to play with this idea welcome.

This is a write-up of an interesting idea I had back in August 2020. It’s for a particular type of sci-fi megastructure which should be stable (at least to back-of-the-envelope calculations) and would make an interesting setting/location/super-architecture-style for any authors who are interested. Not practical to build anytime soon, but interesting.
I’m not sure if this is original or not (I haven’t looked very hard.) If it is, I’m staking my claim! Publish or perish!

Shellworld Writeup

The basic idea, as described in the document, is that for a thick enough, large enough shell of matter, the force of gravity can balance internal pressure. The radius divides out, so this structure can be built without tensile stress to arbitrarily large radii, allowing the construction of massive amounts of habitable volume.

(PS: after some comments with James Cambias, it turns out this idea may not be original to me. Darn.)