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Congratulations Rosetta!

The ESA space probe Rosetta has successfully landed a lander on a distant comet today. Futher information can be found at:



B2Qm0T-IMAErh5H.png large
Comet 67P, on which the Philae probe successfully landed. Due to the minimal gravity, Philae secured itself to the surface of the comet with a harpoon and landing screws.


Congratulations Rosetta team!

The trouble with Minecraft

The unfortunate trouble with minecraft:

This is roughly a full days work.

I once dug a wiring trench through sandstone, roughly 4 ft deep by 4 ft wide by 8 ft long once with a pickaxe. I was sore for a week afterwards.

PS – if anyone is interested in my minecraft worlds, I host one at www.amscyberpunkatlanta:25565.

MultiMC is a program allowing you to launch packaged instances of mods and settings for minecraft. A MultiMC instance allowing you to log into the server is listed on the server status page: http://www.amscyberpunkatlanta.com/MCWstatus/serverstatpage.php