Comment on Isaac Arthur Video

On Isaac Arthurs thought provoking video on Consciousness and Identity:

My comment:

I dunno that you can place an upper bound on number of unique personalities. Configuration space blows up fast: For certain definitions, you must end up with more possibilities than raw materials. (Number of ways to arrange N balls is N!, which is > N when N>2). You can store N bits on your hard drive, but there are 2^N possible hard drive states.

Under one physics definition of identity, all electrons are the same. Drop the resolution, and you can say one bacterium is pretty much like all others sharing the DNA. A lot of lower animals seem like they approach life in much the same way and have more or less commensurate experiences. (Sphexic – insect like. All bees of a certain species will execute the same orbit when identifying something they want to land on.) The more complex the mind, the more space there is for these minds to be different.

Going to start posting some of this stuff here: I comment a lot on other people’s blogs, but my own blog ends up being pretty bare. If I spend all my time talking elsewhere, I won’t have a lot of content that accumulates here.

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