Random Observation

Not intended to be entirely novel or surprising, but has anyone noticed the fairly stark difference between a little human girl and her cute fuzzy toys and a girl dog (like my parent’s dog Honey) and their cute fuzzy toys?

Little Girl: It’s cute and fuzzy and I want to nurture it.
Little Dog: It’s cute and fuzzy and IT NEEDS TO DIE! (shake-shake-riiiip-waggle-waggle)

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  1. 6:40 am, October 18, 2014MadRocketSci  / Reply

    Test comment 14 Oct 2014

  2. 6:41 am, October 18, 2014MadRocketSci  / Reply

    Testing testing, 1,2,3

  3. 6:45 am, October 18, 2014Qwertyuio  / Reply

    Test comment. This is only a test. If this comment contained actual content, the blog author would be overjoyed.

  4. 11:00 am, November 22, 2014Kim  / Reply

    So I am leaving actual content, but not important content.

  5. 4:37 am, January 14, 2015Kim  / Reply

    I wondered what your thought are on the wrong headed media frenzy declaring the recent Space Ex launch and return a failure-seemed like mostly a screaming success to me. But then I am just a lowly normal citizen.

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